On recordings and
still more on stage,
unplugged son
to ringing salsa,
the music of ¡CUBANISMO!,
all at once traditional
and innovative,
is held with a
remarkable ease


Cubanismo, Jesús Alemañy (photo Gilles Delbos)


Malembe (Ryko)
Sample of
in Malembe

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¡ Cubanismo !
(Hannibal/Ryko ; 1996)

(Hannibal/Ryko ; 1997)

(Hannibal/Ryko ;

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The light goes down gently on the hills of Oriente, and the air vibrates of rare calms; a girl passes on Malecón, with a roll in her step, for she feels a glance on her; some rocks are dashing against each other in a shaker behind the bar of the Inglaterra Hotel ; the palm trees rustling from a light breeze, while a musician tunes his guitar. All that, it is CUBANISMO : the feeling of an island captured by a snap shot in a few privileged moments.

CUBANISMO, it is also the meeting of hand-picked musicians, inhabited by their island, and brought together by the trumpet of Jesús Alemañy.

Born in 1942 in Havana, Jesús Alemañy launches out in the study of trumpet at the age of 13, before integrating Sierra Maestra three years later. For ten years, he will learn the best there, before founding his CUBANISMO, which is much an all-stars : some founders (of which the percussionnist Tata Guïnes), surrounded by recognized figures (Orlando Valle, flute; Anga Diaz, percussions, ex-Irakere) and by young wolves, like Coto, the remarkable tres virtuoso. For sure, that strikes...

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