Lo Ultimo en vivo  (Magic Music)


Ten years after that of Fidel Castro, it is in 1969 that Juan Formell achieves the second cuban revolution by forming the group Los Van Van. This one musical : while integrating electric instruments (synthetizers, electric guitars, drums),
Los Van Van launches the Cuban music into modernity.
Digesting the rhythms of pop music,
they create the songo.

The cocktail is terribly balanced : a basis of African ancestors, a ladle of the already existing latinos rythms, a pinch of the eternal Beny More, a touch of Brazilian music, basted with some rock'n'roll, the whole stirred by about fifteen musicians with a faultless technique.

The brightness of their concerts
brought them to the worldwide scenes,
and in Cuba - country of musical
connoisseurs -, they are stars.

For soon thirty years, it runs, and rather smoothly. More than a band,
Los Van Van is a clock.
On stage, all is in place as of the first bar, and the machine launched
until the end of the set.

To such a degree that among the often excellent many young applicants,
none manages to eclipse the true kings :
"Pasan los años y seguimos, ahi...
¿Que tiene Van Van que sigue ahi, ahi, asi? "
" The years go by, and wealways continue... What makes that Van Van is always there? "
Great class, undoubtedly.
Azucar (Fonomusic)

Que tiene Van Van
Sample of
Que tiene VanVan
in Lo Ultimo en vivo
(Magic Music)

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(Fonomusic ; 1993)

Lo ultimo en vivo

(Magic music ; 1994)

Ay dios, amparame !

(El Inspector de la
salsa ; 1995)

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