Celia CRUZ

The Salsa Queen,
the universal
made burst
the barriers of
the genre and propelled salsa to
the layman.
Celia Cruz (photo X)


Bemba colora
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Bemba colora
Fania :
Viva la salsa

(Sonodisc ; 1995)

CD selection :

Feliz encuentro
(with Sonora Matancera)
(Musica Latina)

a Beny More

(with Tito Puente)

Celia y Johnny
(with Johnny Pacheco)

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Whom which will become the Salsa Queen was born in 1924.

As a teen, her budding talent leads her to sing in school and neighbourhood festivals, then in radio contests. Soon spotted, she then considers a career under the enlightened hints of one of her professors.

Thus in 1950, she manages to be essential as the singer of one of the most sought after band in Havana, Sonora Matancera.

With this legendary band she will stride up and down South America for fifteen years, leaving meanwhile Cuba to its revolutionary experiment and settling in the USA in 1960. Until today, she will have the nostalgia of her country, often palpable in her lyrics and interviews.

The continuation of her history is declined by the side of Tito Puente, with whom she will release eight records. Then, the star of New York Latinos binds her musical destiny to another first magnitude star, flutist Johnny Pacheco. Begins an avalanche of Gold Records, which will devote her as the absolute diva of the style, and will universalize salsa while propelling it towards a non latino clientele.

Because the Fania All Stars salsa big band's brilliancy formed by Johnny Pacheco, brings together a famous skewer of musical pundits - Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria, Papo Lucca, Pete " El Conde " Rodriguez, Hector Lavoe, Nicky Marrero, Ismael Miranda, Cheo Feliciano... - fits like a glove to the low-pitched and over-powered voice of Celia Cruz, and will bring her to the apex throughout the 70's.

She will get back to her first love in the 80's, while recording again with the impossible to circumvent Sonera Matancera.

With an important discography (about fifty records), the uncontested Salsa Queen continues today to entertain the fans worlwide, and her concerts are always an event. Azucar !

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