Issac Delgado (photo Gilles Delbos)


" El chevere
de la salsa "

born in 1962
in Havana,
Little Prince
with natural kindness,
drills as
NG La Banda's
singer before standing on his own legs


El año que viene (photo Egrem/Artcolor)

Sample of
No me mires a los ojos
El año que viene

(Artcolor ; 1996)

CD selection :

Con ganas
(Qbadisc, 1994)

Ella es un reloj
(Qbadisc, 1995)

El año que viene
(Artcolor ; 1996)

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Approaching then a well thought variety, close to salsa erotica, he lessens the importance of percussions and pushes on his great vocal capacities. His charming voice, well deserved by modern instruments and production means, fits his style like a glove.

And if he privileges modernity, the tradition levels permanently, and binds the whole in a subtle cocktail.

The charisma that he demonstrates on stage (rather uncommon with salsa's singers) insufflates his concerts with something fine and very particular : for this reason, they are a different experiment but quite as pleasant as listening to his discs. Issac ? : everybody likes him !

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Issac Delgado in photo expo

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