" I am called the father of changüy although the changüy existed since a while.
But whereas the son left Oriente, arrived at Havana and travelled throughout the whole world, the changüy did not move until I made it thrust out ".

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Reve y su Charangon

La Explosión
del momento
(Real World ; 1989)

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Born in Guantánamo in 1939, the great timbalero creates his first orchestra in 1956, where the violins are noticeable.

His collaboration with Juan Formell (future Los Van Van) in 1967 and 1968 makes him famous in Cuba. The power of the trombones, the always present violins, the changüy cocktail, son, bomba, merengue, allied with Revé's taste for the perfect party turns his orchestra into dynamite : la explosión del momento... point-blank stopped somewhere on a Cuban highway in July 1997, when Elio Revé got killed in a car accident.

Since then, his son took the succession and is at the commands of the group... and the party, even if marred with sadness, goes on.

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